Welcome to Ryo Central

welcome to Ryo Central!
This is a new blogging experiment. I just screwed regular blogging, and now I try a fusion of Microblog and normal Blog.

First of all, you get everything what I do, articles, links, recommendations. This is why there is a FriendFeed Box instead of an Index.

  • If you like RSS you can subscribe to my RSS-Feed.
  • If you want to get everything in Real-Time, please consider to register and Subscribe me at FriendFeed - Update: Friendfeed was aquired by Facebook. I'm outta here. Posterous and Plurk will do it.
  • If you are already on Twitter, you can also get most things (expect comments and likes) when you follow me on Twitter. I'm also active there, and it's not only a link-catalog for me :).
  • You can now add me on Google Buzz, too

Have Fun!

Update 23.Feb 2010: Well it turned out that Posterous is not so open for patent free formats. So I pulled out and went back here, to Blogger. So the old Postings from Posterous will be transfered to here in the next several days. I never should have left Blogger in the first line. But well, sometimes I learn it the hard way.

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