Android 2.1 is no problem on G1

google.android.g1.jpg The speculations of Android 2.1 being officially ported to the G1 are growing. For me there is only one question left, will Google do it or not? No doubt that they can do it. I hear you say "But there isn't enough mem available..". But it's absolutely no problem.
First of all, it's said that Google already have a optimized and squeezed version of Android 2.0 in the labs. And I can imagine, that it's a real challenge to optimize the code, like in C64 and Amiga times where you said every month "I can't believe they did it on this computer". I wished the app programmers would do that, too. But there is a completely other possible solution from this, I'm sure the master brains at Google have thought on it and maybe they will do it.
Google is forcing web-apps to be the next big thing. So why don't get rid of the integrated apps? It could be done for Mail, GTalk, Maps, Calendar, Market, and even for Contacts. The web-apps, except for Contacts and Market, already exists in mobile version. The engineers at Mountain View just need to make a interface for the notifying-system to interact with the web. Boom, the space for Android 2.1 would go down dramatically. Maps and Mail alone would be enough, I guess. And for those who prefer native apps, there could be a downloadable app on the marketplace, again leaving the space for the firmware untouched.
You see, it's totally possible. The question though still remain is Google doing it or not? While in the US, the phone is quite some time on the market, in Europe it's not even a year available (started 22th February 2009). So the European buyers would be quite annoyed, not getting the new firmware after 1 year, when their contracts, like usual, runs 2 years.
Photo: JaZZy JunGgle - License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0