Buzz makes some buzz

Not even a week ago, Google released Buzz. It made a huge impact on the net, and is still one of the most important topics. From nothing to full speed, but with some discussion about privacy going on. Google reacted very fast, and made some serious improvements. But still there is something that Google needs to do, to tell people what Buzz exactly is, or this will happen more often in the future:

But what is the big thing about Buzz? Sure it's got more characters than Twitter, better Karma than Friendfeed after the Facebook buyout, and is so much the opposite of facebook. But that isn't the real point. I think, it's the integration.
It's in Gmail. That means almost any user is a potential "Buzzer". You can send buzzes via mail directly from the interface.
It's in your phone. On Android even in the maps application. You can see buzzes directly on the map, and you can buzz from there with your location, including photos.
It's in Google Reader.  It adds posts to "Your following" in reader, when the other uses reader, too.
And it's so pushed. No other social networks had so many users in 2 days than this.
Where does Buzz go?
It depends on what users are gonna do with it. It can be everything. There is no 140 char limitation, you can add photos, you can add links and add pictures and summaries from the site with a click. So basically, you could publish whole blog posts with it. It integrates Google Reader in the feed, so you can easily making a newsfeed. It integrates Twitter, plus you can Buzz like you tweet, so it makes a microblogging-feed. You can just send photos via mail ( buzz@gmail.com ) and make it a photostream. All photos will be saved in PicasaWeb. You can improve you business communication with it by using it for specific groups of people you can build.
What's the main use after a while, I don't dare to predict. But one thing is for sure. Buzz is here to stay and get improved week after week from Google.
You can follow me on Buzz, too: http://www.google.com/profiles/ryo3000#buzz