US-Government Backs Google Decision Over China, But What Then?

The threat from Google against China to pull out and stop the own censoring of content is now backed by the White House, says Reuters.
Google had a deal with the Chinese government not to show some material. After the attacks on Google servers, China was suspected to lead those actions. Google now threats to stop all activities in China regarding the search engine, and took down the censoring, leaving access to everything.

It's a double-edged sword, that Google swings. What about the other business. China is known not to hesitate to take counter-actions, like recently with the steel trading. Now Google has a lot of business there going on, just to mention Google Android phones, and the mainly produced models of hardware there. In addtion, the market for selling Android phones in China is huge. What if China simply restrict selling of those products, which they can without doubt? This would be a huge loss. And to take this scenario even further, what would happen when HTC would be charged for any device delivered with Android with punitive duties? This could lead to a world-wide problem for Android and Google.
So does this turn out to be a right, but self-punishment turn by Google?
Maybe it's time that other companies backup Google, by doing the same thing to their own products and services. A call on Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and other companies.
Picture: jmm-hamburg / CC BY-SA