Tell Me What To Do, Too Many Social-Networks And My Blogs

Yeah, I'm still asking myself what to do about the many social-networks. And my blog. I'm recurrently thinking about to blog everything(!) and then let it slip into the social-networks.
I'm thinking about it for more than a year. Now today I listened to Leo Laporte on TWiG #57, learning that he also thinks to do that this way. Well unfortunately  unlike Leo, I'm not popular :). So what does this mean?

Having everything on my blogs, and posting a link to a chain of services. It goes like blog -> buzz -> twitter -> identi.ca. And have mercy when there is another one chiming in.

While there is no problem with Google Buzz, the links that get posted to Twitter points to my Buzz post. Can't do it otherwise, because with services like Ping.FM or HelloTxt, my posting on Buzz looks terrible. No pictures, not enough text, only small excerpts ad so on. Basically it would be okay having the Twitter-People visiting my Buzz post to comment. But then I could have posted it on Buzz in the first line.
Then there is my status update postings like: "Hey I'm gonna slap myself in the face, I missed "Fraggle Rock" on TV today" :) Should I really put this in my blog?
You see the dilemma. To make it perfect, I don't want to leave identi.ca behind, but apparently this works better twitter<->identi.ca than any other way.

Then Tumblr came on my mind, too for doing those short notices. But this would be one more in line. And it also has some limitations.
With Buzz I can make a post with an Android widget, photo with a click, adding my GPS-position easily and off we go. I tried to do this on Tumblr and failed. I chose to do it via email, which is the fastest way for me on-the-go. But if I attach a photo, the body of the message including the Google-Maps-Link (which I have to use a special add-on for, too) is not present. Not in Tumblr and not in Buzz.
And even more annoying: Answering replies on Twitter. It would be not only annoying, but breaking the reply-chain. Same with identi.ca. So I have to spread my thoughts still all over the net. No "Central" at all.

And if you think that's all... wait a second. There are my pictures. Yes, the photos I'm going to send. I want them on Picasa, not only Tumbler, Ping.FM or wherever I posted from. Another major problem. I need to keep an eye on double or triple postings, or even an echo.
It isn't possible to do this without having a double post from time to time.
Oh and didn't I mention the legality problem? Yeah in some countries a blog is treated differently than a social network. With all consequences. And the accepted  fact that citing whole articles including pictures or videos is no problem on Buzz or other services like it. But how dar eou citing a complete articles with pictures on your blog. Woooh. Why? I don't know.

I really don't know what to do now.
We are far far away from having the single one place where we can do things and reaching all of our followers and friends over the internet.

If you have an idea or solution to this, please, please let me know. I'm really getting tired of this.