Bing - The definition :)

Found this on Buzz from Stephanie Wanamaker today :)
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3:31 pm stephanie wanamaker: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/lh/photo/iby6X0e9kxETfcNr-z9eDrJ0K2Mp7cFQ9yYn28Kt6Nw?feat=directlink
3:32 pm stephanie wanamaker: credit to Andy Robinson for biggest laugh I had all week!
3:38 pm Matthew Myers: +1 Internets Andy...that is too great!
3:49 pm Rugger Ducky: I think that's at least a +6, +5 for the brilliance, and +1 for the MS bazinga.
3:51 pm stephanie wanamaker: @rugger I agree I gibe him +10
3:53 pm Ryo ★: LOL... priceless picture :) No I think competition is good. But I use Google for sure. So I'll take this as a joke. Bing is okay I think.

As I said in the comment there, I don't have anything against Bing. I like competition. I thought it was funny nonetheless. Please take this picture as a joke. I'm sure it's meant to be that way.