Google Needs Some Big PR / Twitter With Multimedia

Well, I recently saw some interesting posts on Google Buzz again, about the confirmation from Eric Schmidt that Google Me, or something in that direction, will come in fall.

Mahendra Palsule buzzes that Google seems to be terrified of Facebook. I commented:
Well I can't see Google terrified by Facebook. They make money from and with Facebook.

But I see problems for Google to establish any kind of social platform without an insane amount of PR works and ads on TV, Radio and Print. It needs to be everywhere.

More and more people, especially in Europe are feeling that they would rather give their data to some know fraud than to Google. It's insane, but I think only the politicians have a worse appearance in the public. And the gov. bash moves on and on.
If Google don't make something against it, the social platform will soon be their smallest problem.
Thomas Morffew posted about Twitter's new integration of video, pictures and more. This is a shot against Google Buzz, which already does this very good, and with more than 140 chars. But I pointed this out:
Well, IT IS the BEST platform, but that isn't important in the end. It's all about how many of your friends are here, on Twitter or on Facebook.
Identi.ca is much, much better than Twitter e.g. It has file uploads for ages now, OpenID login, great API, decent conversation-threads... so what? Talking to yourself there?

Buzz has a bad name out there, it loses users instead of gaining. I'm a big big Google fan, but I can't help Google on that. Nobody cares that I AM using Buzz. I need to gain followers/subscribers/traction myself :)

Google needs some serious PR-Stunts in the old media. Yep. No irrelevant by now. Both Google and Buzz has a problem at the moment. Check the news. They are not only having some user problem, they have problems with the governments from many countries. They are under attack. And they need a better picture in the public.

I have no real solution, but that's the problem. As a user, it shouldn't be even a topic if or if not the platform I participate is accepted. Users have their own problems, right?