Mario's 25th Birthday: Congratulations

How cool is that?
Today, on Sep. 13th 2010, Mario celebrates his 25th birhtday. Woohoo.

I think this is the longest appearing of a human gaming character ever. Of course Pac-Man appeared one year before Mario, but come on, it's not human, is it?
1981 the birth of a star in the gaming universe happened in "Donkey Kong". In 1983 he had his own game together with his brother Luigi with Mario Bros. Then it was a like a shooting star career. Super Mario Bros. , Super Mario Land, and Super Mario World make him the most recognized game-char in history and created a whole gaming universe in it's own. The latest "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" going a little back to the roots, which makes it one of the coolest Mario-Games.
But enough talk. See a brief walk through the time with the Video after the break...

Still not enough? You can play some Mario-Games online: http://onlinesupermario.com/

Update: Joystiq.com has some more info about the 25 anniversary pack.

Thanks to Martin Wong for the reminding Buzz :)