FSF Don't Like Mark Zuckerberg as TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

Picture by FSF / CC license BY-ND
A mentionable article from the FSF is bragging about TIME Magazine's person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg.

It is highly discussable if he is the right choice at this time. First of all, where were the TIME Magazine last year, when Facebook really took off? Furthermore it stinks that a massive majority of people voted for Julian Assange for person of the year 2010, and now get totally ignored. Why the hell they poll anyway if they don't give a shit about people opinions?

But in the FSF-Article that's not the point. It's about how bad Facebook is for the freedom of the internet.
They even have an event. The FSF wants you to put a dislike button on your site to show your do not use Facebook.
Oooh, I think I can't participate. Well at least until I change my mind in a hurry (not that this never happened :) ) and delete my Facebook-account.

Mark Zuckerberg is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year? Where's the "dislike" button?