Twitter Censoring #wikileaks Trends

I knew it is supsicious that #wikileaks is not a trending topic. Now, it looks like the reason is found:

Twitter is censoring the discussion of #Wikileaks:"Today, as I was scouring the web for everything I could find about the censoring of Wikileaks and Julian Assange’s legal status I had a growing feeling of unease that Twitter was actively censoring the discussion of Wikileaks. New Tweets filed under the tag #Wikileaks were popping up at an astounding pace. If I left the page alone for literally 30 seconds, 40 new Tweets tagged as #Wikileaks would be there when I returned. It just seemed like #Wikileaks would be one of the most popular topics and therefore be reported as a “Trend”, but I really had no way to quantify this. [...]"

More at the source: safety first