WTF am I writing articles with so less response at all?

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hairImage via WikipediaI'm just a little bit grumpy and sad.
I'm working hard and writing articles (not only here) the whole day. Sometimes I have an hour or two at the evening. I'm trying to keep up with my social contacts on Twitter, Facebook and Buzz.
And I'm having so less response. Yes. At best I get offended, at worst not even that. I feel I'm writing for myself. Hell, I'm not even getting enough likes to have a real Facebook-Domain (you need 25). What is this shit? Why?
Is it because I'm not crawling up some VIPs asses? Do I need to just have a bunch of good "Internet Celebs" as friends in reality?
All this "watch it, don't put stuff on the net..." is bullshit. Who cares? I could put out pictures with me naked on the floor jerking of to some pictures of my RL friends and no one would care. Not even them, because they are not "so much" in the net. Screw it. I can do whatever I want! But you know what? That SUCKS!

The internet is a global village in which there are some 5% of important people and the rest having so much influence like a fly in a restaurant. Chances are that you appear on the radar for whatever reason and possibly get wiped away. But if you want to be a visitor that eats there, that's another story.

Everyone can be a Star on the Web ? Screw it! That's a lie. We are talking to ourselves mainly and I'm glad some companies seem to care for my data. At least someone who cares.
I'm on the net until the commercial beginning. Before the internet had public access I were at FIDO and Zerberus net, later Usenet. I even maintained a mailbox where you could call with your modem directly with a dedicated telephone number and made a connection. And you know what, it all is rubbish. It doesn't get you anywhere. It doesn't gave me any benefit. I spent and still spend a lot of money in such affords.

If you are living outside the US, male and having no RL connections to some internet vips, you are worthless in the net. I'm wrong? Then tell me how. I'm trying to get some fame for over 21 years now. And I'm having about 3.600 followers on Twitter and 1-2 @-replies per day. Pathetic.

So if someone tells you can be a star und you don't have big tits, blonde hair or a bunch of big Internet-VIPs on your side, beat him up . The Internet is the biggest corruption-based fake family fest of the world. And you're possibly not invited.