Done with the netcast researching and now...

Runes of MagicImage by Barbara Williams2010 via Flickrup for some Runes of Magic. Yes, I'm playing again lately. The new updates are really nice. Thinking about making a new char, but on Laoch, there is no place for low-level characters anymore.
And it's still hard to get my friends going online same time than me. I'm playing, you know, not at night. At least not on the computer (°_^).
And then theres some uncertainty. Will be Runes of Magic unplayable soon? There us a serious hacker who attacks them, and it doesn't look like a kids joke. He already released a file with (old) passwords from many users. And he threatens to take the game down if Frogster doesn't comply. Read about in the related article section.
Have a nice weekend all of you! And have a lot of fun with the Super Bowl XLV !