Don't Read Comments On Android Articles

Android Experience 2010-Image via WikipediaDo yourself a favor and not even consider to read the comments on Android articles on tech-blogs. They are overloaded with stupid Apple-Fanboy idiots that are up to destroy all you joy you have with Android. You can discover that on Techcrunch and Engadet especially. Well they even bash Android in their article often enough, to please their Apple-audience as it seems. So no wonder. I took my best shot and removed Engadget from my feedreader.
I still don't know what the intentions are from Apple-Users to bash everything non-Apple.
Jealousy? Idiocy? Hired? Revenge for being bashed decades long from Win-Users? I don't know, but they suck!

You might want to risk some digging into the comments at pure Android-websites. Chances are that abusive comments get marked as spam really quickly.
Don't let your Android love getting hurt. Spread it. Love and Peace, man. Love and Peace.