Jaime Heras Will Chill You #37cc

Different topics for the same reason: Chill-out in perfect soundscapes.

The Spanish artist from Murcia sounds like he is at home everywhere in the world. Ancient vibes that sounds like the Mayan are back, spacious ambiance that makes astronomical observation even more fun, or deep electronically city life, all in a dreamy and calm explosion of sounds running through your head. All that and much more is what makes the tracks of Jaime Heras unique.

Since 1990 he made a big number of titles. If you want to get the idea, you can listen to a special compilations "The Very Best 1990 - 2010". But make sure to listen into the albums where the whole story of a topic is told.

Musician Website:http://jaime-heras.blogspot.com/ (Spanish)
Jamendo-Site: http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/jaime.heras (English)

For Free! Music! Week! 2011