NoMode Is No Vocaloid #37cc

NoMode a.k.a. Hirohiko Fujikawa is using Miku Hatsune and other vocaloids to sing to his outstanding JPop tracks.

JPop is a style of it's own. Hi-Energy, techno style sounds and dynamic and dominating vocals is what NoMode is using for his songs. Born in Osaka, Japan, he visited the Yamaha Music School and learned Piano. At "Studio F" he works on a Doujinji game. This is definitely something you can feel. Those songs fit perfectly to a video game or anime movie.

To give the songs the right voice, Hirohiko uses the free to distribute Vocaloid characters which gives a special note. This synthetic voices are very famous in Japan, and characters like Miku Hatsune are known world wide. They fit perfectly in the sound, that makes you feel better every time you listen to.

A recommendation is the Microcosmos EP. Lyrics available :).

Musician Website: http://nm.f-sp.net
Jamendo Site: http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/NoMode

For Free! Music! Week! 2011