Behind a Message There Is Someone

I Am Majid Social Media CampaignImage via WikipediaTwitter, Facebook, email, blogs, IM, chats... if the messages are real and important, there is a person behind it, and no bot.

You wait for a message of someone you like, or a important business note, or lines of the one you love. It's always the same, it looks it takes forever to get them. In the messaging Eldorado of the modern communication, we receive thousands of messages per day.
Followers, old friends, or just really interesting stuff. And still there are only a few persons for us, whose messages are most important. But any message has to be written by someone.

You need to find and prioritize those messages. GMail is a good example of a priority inbox for mail. Mail isn't dead. You can get the messages from Facebook to your account and prioritize special sender names. Yes, you mail account can help you to get the important, and leave the "noise" for later. But keep in mind: The noise are also people and you should treat them like humans. I think it's important for the future to classify messages, but don't be the cold-hearted user, or you will soon have a real problem.