Don't Judge Too Quickly

The Shy damsel........Senegal golden darletImage by aroon_kalandy via FlickrYes, we all have something in common and even though we are all different.

People are often tend to judge someone quickly. Things can be more complicated than they appear. There can be bazillions of possible reasons for something. Some of them might be logic for you, some of them might not. A situation is relative. And to follow Albert Einstein, everything is relative. So if you can change your point of view enough, you'll might find a totally different position.

What you like, can be worse for others. To satisfy anyone is not possible, and trying to, might harm yourself. So, you need to do things from your point of view, trying to do as little harm as possible and be okay with it.

It's not that you must try to make someone understand your position, but others need to change their point of view and try to understand you. That counts for you, too. So if you ever going to brag about someone or something, bend your mind a little bit and check if it isn't possible that it's not that bad at all.

It's not the situation that makes it worse, but the conclusions you make.