Google: When $2.3 Billion Profit Are Not Enough

An assortment of United States coins, includin...Image via WikipediaGoogle announced a profit of $2.3 Billion. 2.3 Billion American Dollars! Profit! And some people are still not satisfied. It doesn't met the expected amount of profit. A German news-broadcaster even said, investors are disappointed. How long can this greed going on before they all fall on their face?

Yeah, you know, all the talk about the bubble. I don't know about that, but I know one thing: If a company makes a lot of good money, and someone expected more, and is disappointed, there is something wrong with the expectations, not with the company.
Unfortunately it's apparently not as much as important that the company is doing well, than the investors are counting more money. And this is some kind of dangerous. Everything depends on the stock market. How do they see it. If you watch it, it seems that Google got away with a blue eye. It's so ridiculous to talking about going away with a blue eye if you just made $2.3 Billion. The real problem is, that if the stock market reacts to tough on such "disappointments", the investors could easily lose a lot more money.

Google knows about that. They always said, that the greatest problem of them is not to be a profitable, growing company, but to meet the insane expectations. Same with Android, Google's leading mobile OS. It overtook iOS in a breeze, but Gartner pushes out predictions that promises heaven on earth. And really no one knows where this growing will happen. Android is big and will be even bigger. It will be the biggest mobile OS for a long time. But even then, there are limits. You can't expect everything growing so insanely fast all the time. The time will come when it only grows in 2 digit percentage numbers. And then what? Calling it quits?

So keep your greed by foot, dear investors, or you shooting in your own. Expect some good money, but don't start to set goals, which can not be reached.