Google Music Fail For The Rest Of The World

This is what you see, if you trying to get an invite for Google Music, from the rest of the world. It says "We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States".
Clearly, as we know from the press, this can't be an issue with some music companies, because Google didn't acquire any rights, not even in the U.S. , because it might not be necessary for such a kind of service. So this is clearly a Google problem, and sorry, I can't understand this.
This will drive people off very quickly. And if Apple starts their music-streaming service world-wide, or at least, in more regions, in the next weeks, Google will lose a lot of people. This is the big thing. Well, at last for people like me, who don't only talk about how cool the cloud is, but really want to USE it, actually. NOW! It all is slowing down.

It's 2011 and we still have no flying cars. But at least I want my music being streamed to my Android phone from the cloud. I want my whole stuff in the cloud. I have no fear. Expect the fear that it will take longer and longer to make this real. And it's 2011, and one of the biggest company can't launch something world-wide. This is disappointing.