Ooops... Microsoft's Ballmer Under Attack

en: Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. Camera: N...Image via WikipediaDavid Einhorn (mind the name, it's unicorn in German :) ), head of hedge fund Greenlight Capitol, say Ballmer must step back.

In the time Ballmer was CEO at Microsoft, the company faced the biggest loss in numbers, share and money, ever. Of course, this isn't Ballmer's fault in the first line. The company was expected to have a hard time, short before Bill Gates stepped back as a CEO.
But now investors are getting nervous. Really nervous. Einhorn brings it to the point what many are already thinking. Ballmers times as a CEO seems to be running out. With Windows Phone 7 failing, the last hope of a instant return to the leading position in future technologies is very dim.
Microsoft has managed several times to make clever moves to prevent this, and everyone believes it will happen again. But apparently not with Steve Ballmer as the CEO.

[via New York Times]