Google +1 Is On! And Why It's a Big Deal

Did you notice the +1 button here in this Blog? It's automatically inserted into Blogger.com-blogs if you have enabled the share-buttons. But it's not only about blogs. It will be everywhere on Google, soon.

+1... A synonym for "Like" in the web. Sometimes a +100 would be better, but you get the idea :). Yes , it's not new. Yes, it's not the most revolutionary extension of our brains, but it's still very important.
You're friends can see what you marked with +1. Not in a special, isolated page, but throughout Google, soon. It's already working, but not present everywhere. Blogger made the first move. Watch your search results. You can recommend an article, site or other content, too. By just clicking the +1 button on the particular page.

We can keep high hopes, that this+1 button will be on the most important sites and services on the web. And as soon as it hits the search results, this target is already reached.
It will be rolled out this week, many accounts are already switched. Looks like a good thing. I hope this thing takes off. Google wasn't very lucky with such stuff in the past.

Video after the jump...