We Are The Content

Jeff Jarvis writes the blog Buzzmachine.com, t...Image via WikipediaJeff Jarvis again shines with revolutionary insights of reality. Something every journalist or media company should already have.
Content is no longer the thing you own and care. You may think so, but it's an illusion in the net. You can fight like Don Quixote , but in the end, the information age will win, and even while in progress and far away from the real flow of free information, it already kills businesses that don't see or believe the change that's on the horizon.

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Content, dethroned « BuzzMachine: "I’m not suggesting that editors call the people formerly known as the audience little monsters and don bodacious bustier to earn a buck. But I do believe we must challenge our every assumption about the role of content and its creators in a new media economy. Media’s role was to make and distribute content because it controlled the means of both. Now they do not. The former audience can make content and media’s role may be to support them in that with tools, platforms, aggregation, curation, promotion, training. The former audience has also taken over the role of distributor when they link, recommend, discuss, and embed content and so the question for media is how to take full advantage of that. Where do the former content controllers fit into this new ecosystem? How do we add and extract value?"