Another Social Network... But How Does It Help Your Blog?

Apparently it's great to have another network to share your blog-postings a.k.a. your stuff to the public.But there is one problem. The same that Buzz had. People are not visiting your site or blog, because they read everything in the stream.

GoogleImage via Wikipedia

And there is simply no way for me, to give up my personal blog and post everything on any social network. It just feels wrong. My blog is my castle. My home.
In addition, and that's even worse, people do all the conversation, not at the source, but also on Google+. And it's understandable. It's easy. Clicking through an stream, leaving the site, making a comment... that's not very tempting. If you can just write it.
There is no such problem on Twitter. You have you 140 chars including the link. If you're interested you need to click to read the article, and then you're on that site.

So Google+ needs to have the discussion integrated in your comments at your blog. I think this would be no problem with Blogger.com. So all the comments in your blog and on Google+ would be synced, and  that would make it much better.

But what can you do now to make sure you're blog isn't getting desperate?
Don't post the full article, but only as a link. You need to copy and paste anyway due to lack of an aggregation to Google+. Write a good and catchy opening on the very top of the article. So people get curious and might click through. Keep your commenting system as open as possible. Only a few people are willing to register in any way, just to write a comment on your blog. Try give people the ability to just write a comment.

For more, we need to wait and hope for Google, that they see the problems. One thing is for sure, and that's even valid for the all mighty Facebook. People with worthy content will not abondon their site or blog and post mainly on Google+. That won't work. And that's good in my eyes. You won't leave your home forever and always count on getting a meal outside, don't you?