Another Prime Minister Of Japan

After the long-awaited stepping down of Kan, a new Prime Minister is about to take over in Japan.

Yoshihiko Noda doesn't have an easy Job. A shaken country, with the biggest nuclear disaster of all times, and even before that, a job no one could take for long in the last years.

Photo from Japan Probe / All rights reserved.
He is the 6th Prime Minister in 5 years. That's what I call an unsafe job. However, many hopes lie on him. The people tortured from the horrible natural disaster and the danger of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which will go on for many years, want to have help and a good outlook for their future.

Unfortunately, it's very likely that after that magical one year period, he will be under attack from the other parties.
Jesper Koll of JPMorgan in Tokyo said: “Unfortunately, chances are that whoever wins, we’ll be going through the same debate in 12 months”.

I hope that Japan will at least politically come to a rest in this hard times.

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