FSF Asks To Join A Petition - "This American Life" in Ogg Vorbis

Vorbis LogoImage via WikipediaI just want to give you the note that the FSF is calling for signing a petition to make "This American Life" available in the patent-free and superior audio format Ogg Vorbis. I think that would be a good idea.

Join the petition asking for This American Life in Ogg Vorbis and help us reach 5,000 signatures!:
"Ogg supporters sent great emails to This American Life thanking them for their show detailing the problems with software patents and
asking them to be part of the solution by using Ogg Vorbis instead of patent-encumbered MP3. [...]
Make your voice heard by signing the petition today! We're
working to get 5,000 signatures by September 7, when we'll deliver the
first batch, so sign now and make sure you're part of it. It's really
easy—we're only asking your name, email address, and a couple of
questions about how much you love This American Life and local
public radio. After that, you'll get a verification email; click the
link in it, and you're done!"