Geocaching Combines Outdoor And Indoor Activity

Today I made a lot of things related to Geocaching on the computer. Like always, log vists, dipping Trackables, and also logging my human Geokret and more.

That all is only a small part. Earlier this day I went out again, like so many times, to make a Multi-Cache and a Traditional in an area. It's certainly great if you have an Android phone. There are amazing apps for the stash hunt and it always comes handy to surf the web and find information if you choke on finding a cache. I found those today, and again saw some nicely made stages, parts of a Multi.

And then there are the very special things. I've been given a Geocoin as a present from laguna.sam yesterday. It's so nice and it's from the Wales Mega-Event 2011. Thanks a lot for this.

So you see there are a lot of nice things, you can experience with Geocaching. That's what I call adventures in the 21st Century.