Madness: Now Companies Sue Themselves - Zynga vs. Vostu vs. Google

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What a strange scenario. Everyone sues everyone. No wonder in this Hippocratic industry called tech-business. But now it's getting grotesque. Zynga sues Vostu in Brazil for copyright infringements. They host their games on Orkut, a big player in Brazil which is run be Google. And Google is also a shareholder of Zynga.

Oh my goodness. So this is the way tech works today? Targeting their own shareholders? Looks like the only winning team are the lawyers. Nice job everyone. Now you know why China will rule us very, very soon. And Zynga, because who can resist playing CityVille. Hurry up, make an Android app, before someone other makes a game like that on Android. Opps... it already happened :)

[via Huffington Post]
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