Excited About Google Drive?

Me too! I waited for this a long time. I hope it really will finally happen. But there needs to be some features.

Chromium OS-Tan, Chromium-TanImage via Wikipedia

I read a lot about the death of Dropbox.com. It might never happen. But for the Google Drive to compete with Dropbox, there need to be serious filesync between computer and mobile devices.
Google Docs already can store files, but it's unusable in terms of a webdrive. Imho there are several things critical:

  • Good and hassle-free file synchronization
  • Fully integrated with app on mobile devices like Android
  • Fast up- and download. Not having a slow connection slowing even more.
  • Available on every desktop system, not just ChromeOS.
  • Using the regular Google storage plan
You see, there is something to keep in mind. If all this is happening, it really is what I wanted for years. And then it's time to kiss my local harddisks goodbye.