Good For Techcrunch: Arrington Out, Now Fire MG Siegler

Michael ArringtonMike Arrington / Image via WikipediaTechcrunch is getting nearer to become a good and neutral tech news site. Mike Arrington is out. Now if MG Siegler follows, and leave, there is hope again.

No, I don't have anything personal against them. How could I? I never met them. Sure, those reports of Arrington at the Le Web, when he brags about Europe, abusing Startups and discredit founders, might have set my mind, too. But I think there was not enough neutrality on some topics. And that is worse for a tech site, right?

Same with MG Siegler. I have no doubt that he is brilliant in his Job. It's just that biased writing that drives me nuts. I understand that MG Siegler is an Apple-Fan and apparently hates Google so much. But I do not want to feel the slightest of that in a serious tech article. Techcrunch is no personal blog. Anti-Google and Anti-Android hatreds might be enjoying some iSheeps, but it's not what I call Tech-journalism.

So, Arrington is out and, I'm sorry to say, if MG Siegler gets fired too, I'll be back reading Techcrunch, and it could get an important source of real technews for me. Techcrunch made some good efforts with hiring Sarah Perez, which I hope she keeps neutrality. I follow her article for a long time now, and I think she makes great articles. That is light in the dark of TC. And I hope that all employees of Techcrunch now understand, that writing pro-Apple or Anti-Google is not a safe way to keep the Job, or readers. It's a safe way to lose serious people that don't care for sandbox-fights in the tech world.