Google+ needs aggregation

I know, it's beta. It's not even started officially. But I sense a strange believe people may think, this is not for posting content. It is!

I had a conversation recently on Google+ about aggregating feeds into the Google+ stream. It's simply a must-have.
First of all, you need content in Google+. Good content is normally not posted into a social network, something that you don't own or control, but e.g. in a blog or site. Then it's getting shared to G+. At this moment, you have to do it manually, lack of an API. But share stuff manually is not what you want in the 21st century as an author or writer. Social networking is for communicating.
We all want to engage conversations etc. But you need to put that stuff on the network easily. I don't care where I discuss things. Even if I lose the control over "comments". But to make this quite clear. I'll never give away my content out of my control. And I don't see other authors with good and valuable content is doing that.

Google will bring the API to do that. That's 100% sure imho. People who want Google+ the complete isolated network will be very disappointed. It would not work. You can't make something, by forcing people to post content on a single platform, by making it so much a hassle. Google knows.

So why this posting? Google needs to get things going. With already 40Million+ people on G+, they need to get out the aggregation-API asap, or many people will turn in disappointment.
This post, I will now again, post manually to my G+ stream, or you won't even know about it there. It's not fun. It's stress. Although I enjoy the reaction there, I won't do this for long. It feels like in the 90s!