Blogger.com With Google+ Integration

Another step in the Google+ direction. Blogger.com can now have the Google+ profile. All blogs can appear on the new combined profile, and the post author now refers to the (real) name on Google+.

This is another huge step in the total domination of G+ within Google. It's good to see that Google really powers up their social network platform. Chang Kim from Google wrote that new features are on the way to integrate Blogger more and more.
Hopes are for an automatic aggregation of articles, and unified comments that works on Blogger & Google+. That means you could write an comment on Google+ and it will appear directly within your blog-post and vice-versa.

To get early benefit of new features added to Blogger.com you can already switch your profile here.
Note that your real name is used, and your profile on Google+ will get linked from within all your blogs to your Google-Profile.