UK Doesn't Want To Be In The EU, The EU Doesn't Want UK. So?

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, provided a scandal at the EU summit last Friday. Now harsh words are given back today during a parliament session in Strasbourg. Cameron has brought the EU and the UK in a bad situation and isolated his country from the rest of Europe. But is that wrong? Shouldn't the Prime Minister in a democratic country listen to the people?
English: David Cameron in Newcastle
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In every poll the people of the UK wants the government to step out of the EU. That's a fact. People, and many politicians, don't like the EU and curse it from the beginning of the currency introduction Euro (€). They refused to introduce the new money and still have the British Pound. That was the beginning of the end. Politicians could not or wanted not to convince their citizens to accept the EU from their heart. And now Cameron has done the only right step. Serving the citizens of the UK.

But there is no way that it goes on like this. If the UK wants to have a vote or even a voice in the EU, they must fully comply with all good and bad things for the country. It's not possible to want to interfere, like on Friday, but not even have the Euro-currency. The UK was never a real member anymore since 2000. And therefore, Cameron should not hold a veto against a solution for the European crisis, because it might have an impact on the own market, but step out of the EU and leave them for good.

The people of the EU can live quite good with that. The polls in EU countries are also saying that the UK should be ousted from the EU. They don't want seeing a country picking the good things and rejecting their duties. Vice president of the EU commission Viviane Reding said on Tuesday:"The UK needs us more, than we do need the UK". In the past, the UK cost the European Union a lot of money. Money that now is missing. The absent role of Britain have had a negative impact on the European markets and undermine their control. In the same moment, the Island is getting good use out of contracts with the markets there and profiting from rules that are not accepted by the UK now for more than a decade.

And to say it with clear words: The EU doesn't need to be misused for profit. It's a union of states. And there is only one way to go: Together. But there is something clearly to say, too: Love it or leave it!
I can't say that Cameron did anything wrong. And he should take the only right step and working to step out of the EU asap. The people in the UK apparently want it, and the people in the EU apparently want it, too. So there is the duty, dear politicians. Now react. And the UK is at good advice to do it themselves, to keep their honor, before the EU is going to kick Great Britain out of their union.