Make Your Own ASCII Art With ASCII-Flow

Those ASCII-arts are so cool and looks totally Retro. In a good sense.
But it's a pain to make them by Hand, due to the different fonts and different handlings of editors.
Now you can simply "draw" them. At asciiflow.com, you're able to make them easily and save them. You can export it to HTML or plain text.

It's so easy, that it's almost...

                       xxxxx xxxxxx
                      xx          xxxxxxxxxxx
                      xxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx
                          xxx                        xx
                            xx    xx                xx
                              xx          xx     xxxx
                               xx             xxxx
                SPOOKY!         x            xx
                                x   xxxxx    x
                               xx  xx   x   xx
                             xxx   xxxxxx   x
              xxx x x  xx xx              xx
              xxxx                    xxxxx
                 xxxxxxxx        xxxxxx

But remember: ASCII drawings doesn't show up in image searches, or thumbnail generators.