Only in the US: Destroy America Tweet Makes You A Terrorist

You may ask how dumb a system can get with paranoia and brainwashing?

Found this on RMS political notes:
A UK resident citizen who joked he would "destroy America" (UK slang
for have a party) and "dig up Marilyn Monroe") in LA was treated as a
real terrorist and
blocked from entering the US.They even searched his girlfriend's baggage for shovels.
When US border agents tell us how much they do to keep us "safe", I am
sure they will count him as one of the people they protected us from.
This reminds me of when the Australian TV producer tried to go to LA
to "shoot a pilot", and the border numbskulls thought he meant he
would kill someone.
Link: Destroy America

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Dig up Marylin Monroe? I'l guess she isn't even blonde anymore. I'll dig up George Washington. Looks like the USA needs more from him again.
And destroying the USA? Hum. I think 70% of the world would want this, but that's what it means when you make a big time party. I'm destroying France instead. Paris is much better to party at.

But wait. It's no joke. And also makes clear: At least your Tweets will be read from the US border agents. See, your tweets ARE important.
And maybe we should travel to more friendly countries like China or Iran. They won't read all of the tourists tweets beforehand, or they apparently don't care much if you're a tourist.

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