The Facebook Hype... Save Our Money

It's been a fantastic start. I was wrong. They made even more money than everyone could have hoped for. It's a big thing. The tech IPO hype continues. Everyone rejoice, money is made out of thin air. With no real basis, this hype is doomed to blast your money out of window.

All this chit-chat about the tech-bubble. It bust once. And nobody seem to have learned something. We want to believe. Believe, that it will go on like that. But it won't. It's obvious and everyone knows it, that the Facebook stock market hype will soon be over. And then there will be pure fear. The fear of people losing their money, because they trusted a malfunction system.

Français : Phases d'une bulle spéculative Engl...
Français : Phases d'une bulle spéculative English: Evolution of stock-market bubble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For people outside the finance markets the stock market is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that a company with no real material value is entering the unreal stock market, apparently making money out of thin air. But may nature help them if people demand their money. There is no money, face it. That doesn't mean a lot of people won't get money out of this. The quick traders will. They always do.

My totally unqualified and biased prediction:
Within 2 years, Facebook stock will fall, as the competition close up very fast, and people realize Facebook has nothing which can't be replaced in no time. Traders will then quickly sell their stock and than the panic spreads. Money is going to be wasted. Oops sorry, there is no money.Value will be wasted. Facebook will be bought by a big media company after that happened, and it's going to be ruined. It will be around, but ruined from false values and creepy media ghouls.

Don't bet on my prediction. I don't even bet on the photo sharing services of Facebook.