Review: Nissan Evalia NV200

First of all, I really forgot to make photos! No, really. I'm sorry for that. I'll link to some images on Google.
As it happens, I will have to choose a car next year and I found out about the Nissan Evalia, which is a multi purpose vehicle.

English: NISSAN NV200 VANETTE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has plenty of space and there are different solutions available for camping with the Evalia and sleeping inside the car. Buying food and transporting stuff is a breeze. Plenty of room for my geocaching stuff and people for those outdoor adventures. Some ground clearance is there, but no 4x4 makes it not ready for offroad. I drove the petrol version and the fuel consumptions with about 7.3l /100km is acceptable, but not very good. Top speed at 165 km/h with 81 kw, you won't going to race on the motorway with this. The interior is good and it has a lot of good equipment with a rear camera, air conditioning, digital RPM meter, keyless entry system, bluetooth, usb and aux input and more.

Now the driving. It feels a bit like driving a small truck. You're sitting very high and, while there were not even the slightest sliding, it feels like you could lost control every minute. The ESP works great, and the car is stable at all times, even when you turn a curve a bit too fast. Comfort is mediocre inside, you will reach top speed quickly.
I don't know exactly if this is what I want in the end, but I could see myself driving this car for everyday use. Despite having room for everything, and it's a van, it isn't too big outside. So you will fit in any standard parking lot, and go in garages vans are often too high for.

Good car, with about €20.700 Euro a good price, too. Family car? This is it.
Now from Nissan I'll have to drive the Juke 4x4 CVT Automatic, too.
Here are some pictures in my favorite color green/blue.