TTIP Is Bad For Europe's Consumers

Yes, I tried not to do a post about that. But to see politician going for TTIP is alarming.

I thought it was a lame duck. Americans didn't like that treatment. But now it seems that Obama put pressure on that topic, and more and more companies from the US chimes in. Of course some European companies like it, too. No wonder, the quality and security standards will be much lowered, leaving the German consumers as the victim of TTIP for profit of big corporations. I found a great article recently (in German) that shows the problem.

Want to have over thousand banned chemicals over that treatment in your cosmetic products?
Or even more poison in your food? Strange "chemical waste" chickens? No? Well then act against TTIP quickly. There is not much time left.

Article from blog.campact.de: [Es war einmal … die schönsten Märchen über TTIP]