Actor Richard Kiel dies at age 74... so sad

Richard Kiel 2.JPG
Richard Kiel 2“ von dejahthoris from Vancouver, Canada - [1].
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CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
I were shocked today to read that actor Richard Kiel died today.
He was widely known for the role of  "Jaws" in 2 James Bond movies together with Roger Moore.
In "The Spy Who Loves Me", and "Moonraker", he quickly got a big fan crowd.
He participated in more TV productions and movies. But never topped the appearance in the 007 movies.

A great actor and the best of the James Bond villains. In fact, he got more sympathies than expected for a "bad guy".

Richard Kiel, we'll never forget!

[via The Guardian]