Why I will buy GTA V for the PS4 while I even had it on PS3

Today I saw a video comparison of the PS3 and the PS4 version. No, the much better graphics, the richer Flora and Fauna, the more living traffic and more realistic pedestrians, not even the real-time mirroring of the surrounding on cars polished coat, made me going to buy it all alone on the PS4.

Look for yourself, technically it's another world. So much more realism.

And still, great graphics is not the essential factor buying the game for the second time, after I played it for a long time on the PS3.
But there are additions to the gameplay, too. Especially that you can play it as a 1st person shooter. Yepp it's coming. There's a video showing the first person mode, too. This makes it a whole new experience to play. Even though I know it's not the same playing GTA from 1st person view, I think it will be awesome.

And there is another tiny reason. It's GTA! And I want this on my new console, too. The PS4 is not backward compatible. And only a few games are interesting for me.
I'll wait to buy a PS4 until Uncharted 4 is released. Together with GTA V / PS4, I'll have reason to turn on the console and don't feel sad to spend a lot of money. Yes, GTA is that important for me. And I'm pretty sure there are more people with the same thinking.

I hate to admit it, as I was infuriated that Rockstar didn't release GTA V for the PS4 first, instead using the last gen PS3, but the company did the right thing.
I bought a new PS3 for GTA V (my old one was damaged 2 years before), and I will buy GTA V on the PS4, too. It has such an impact.