Short Afterthoughts: Timeful acquisition by Google

Many jumped on to say the acquisition of Timeful is great.
It would be nice if GMail and Calendar would be improved that way, especially in the Android apps. But there is something that came to my mind in a comment on +Mike Elgan 's post on Google+:
Well the thing which such an acquisition is, these devs never had an Timeful Android app, right?
So now, while it is nice to see they now have to work on the good side :) (couldn't resist), will they put so much love in the product as they put into the iOS stuff? I mean, they did not make an Android app for a reason, right?
And money may motivate some, but not ideologists. Now let's see what devs they are. And then the questions is, if money can lure them away from the iOS love, it may not make them Android lovers. You can't buy love with money? Okay that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean ;)
and as a response to an reply from another user
I didn't say they are [ideologist]. But: http://imgur.com/eve0tg8
Completely ignoring the most selling OS on this planet can be understood as a message :)
Now, what will be left from the spirit, from the product, if they have to develop for the "enemy" now? Because before that buyout, there was no love for Android or Google.
And if they "love" Android and Google now, it freaks me out that money can do that. But the problem is that there is always a different if you work with your heart or for the money. You can "feel" it in many products. Will the devs stay at Google, ousted by the Apple-Fans and banned from Apple? Yes this company that does not invite you to press conferences if you don't report as they pleased (enough witnesses worldwide - Google it :p ).

I don't know if it was a good idea to acquire someone that does not have any relation to your ecosystem before. Oh and btw. if Google works on different iOS and Android apps, hell will break lose!

Screenshot from Timeful/Google. All rights reserved.