How to: Configure i3wm easily (crossposting)

Sorry for the crossposting, but I initially posted it on my microblog for no reason. But it might be more interesting here. Since it is basically a How-To.
Please mind the source of this video. There are all kind of great videos like that.

An awesome 3 part video series from Code Cast ist showing you how to configure the i3 window manager step-by-step.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I'm happy so far with my i3 window manager. It's one of the finest and quickest things for a GUI. It really disappears if you get used to it. And to be honest, that is the best reason.
The configuration is another great thing to set up a work place directly for you. Those videos are even interesting if you, like me, already configured your system. There are many good ideas. Like the AwesomeFont usage to beef up your bar with nifty icons.