Ridiculous: Microsoft is suing the USA for TELLING people that they get spied upon

Yep... what a hypocrisy.
You know Microsoft fights for your rights here in the US.
And that this is very important, and you almost lost your privacy rights already, shows this case: Microsoft is not suing the US for the right to PROTECT you, but only for the right to TELL you when you get spied upon. The US government even want to take this right from you.

Microsoft is doing the right thing here, but it's not even remotely enough. For people outside the US, they fall under their jurisdiction. And there is no way that a foreign country might tap into your data. That is nothing more than an attack on that specific country. Ireland in this case. So the case should be to stop US authorities from spying on servers outside the US instead of fighting to tell them: "Well your data got illegally attacked by the USA whose authorities don't give a crap about your rights".

Seriously? Maybe the world should stop using US services then and even block access from or to such states that don't respect sovereignty of the rest of the world. Just a thought...