Emojis come to blogger.com

What took so long?
Maybe because there is no real developing anymore on Google's Blogger.com?
Finally a new feature has added after years of absence: Emojis!

No no, that wasn't sarcasm. This is really useful and nicely integrated. You can choose from hundreds of emojis and there is even a search where you can type what you want, or even draw the emoji you're looking for.
So this will be used a lot from myself. ☺

However in the editor it looks like crap. That's not the fault of Blogger.com though, but the problem of fonts. These emojis are font characters, not images. On a smartphone, they look good as usual, but on a computer it doesn't have an appealing look.
Well, since desktop 🖥 is dead, this isn't a big of a deal.

Trust your emoji-lust. 👀