Computer Clash of Generations: The Digital Geezers

Is that thinking strange to you, to have a specific OS to use specific programs for common working scenarios? Yes? Then you are one of the digital nomads. The new users. The future.
But there are still more people than you might think that rely on a specific computer system software to do everything. And sometimes it's understandable.

You have a specific work that needs a specific software? Stop reading now. You probably framed in your company's prison. No one can help you other than your boss or your administrator. You need to worry. Your Company may be a dinosaur ready for extinction... arguably.
If you think you'll need something like "Windows" or "OS X/Mac OS" for your common tasks, you are only a prisoner of yourself and you can break out anytime if you really want.

The reign of OS'es is over!
In the last years we made a lot of progression. Web apps, new services, cloud storage. To all that mobile devices took over the market overwhelmingly.  That changed a lot. Almost no company that offers a service can now rely on e.g. Windows alone. And so, many things are offered online, ready to use, or at least with different apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS and often Linux, too.  But you can pretty much live with a browser and do everything.
Some years ago Google started ChromeOS, and even brought us hardware with basically a browser. Since then it went crazy. Almost anything can be done within the browser on any system which runs at least Chrome or Firefox. The reign of OS'es is over once and for all.

No you can not use your old software. Why?
I was quite early in the game, running a GNU+Linux system for years. No Windows partition. Why should I? I have my browsers running on a super stable basis and that's it. Yes, I'm a creative (oh come on Apple snob, stfu) and there is nothing missing. But doing common stuff like you do privately, there is a solution outside  the OS prisons anyway.
Yes you can't use your old software. But why should you anyway? We are living in 2019 the time I write this. Don't expect me to use 1990's solutions. Everything has changed. And it's so much better. Mail-clients? Didn't have one for decades now. I can use my mail-account from all my devices, from anywhere, anytime. Same for documents. You don't like Google? Choose one of the others that do the same. You know I could make a list now for a lot of stuff. But it's simple: You can do EVERYTHING with every major OS. Period. There is a solution for everything. You just have to chose it. If you wan't Kai's Power Goo you'll need Windows machine. But you can use your phone for much better results, or one of the dozens photo services on the web, with insanely better features.

You are missing out
You remember how you laughed at the old geezer that keep on doing their things, even if it looks like they're from another world? Yes you laughed so hard and thought "Wow that generation".
Don't be that digital geezer. It's exactly how it looks if you keep on doing stuff like you're living in the 90s and rely on platforms. You are missing a lot of stuff that is possible.
"But I did it like that, why changing?" Now you're sounding like one.
No one is forcing you to change. But it's not the world we are currently living in. Welcome to the digital retirement home.