Sushi and how to eat it: The Reality!

Just wrote this as a comment on Sushi Etiquette :)

Good so far, but one thing is not correct. It's common to put Wasabi in the soy sauce and dunk the sushi in it.
That also helps from whining over your meal.
I always laugh about how important correct or wrong instructions on eating anything in Japan are. You know Japanese are living, too. Do you have only 1st class restaurants in your country? Everyone eating with the fork in the left and knife in the right hand in a McDonalds? Or eating ice cream with a special ice-cream spoon in the cinemas? Or do you know how to put your knives and forks in the right direction after eating in a normal (!) restaurant with less then 3 stars, to indicate it was good or bad ? No? Japanese don't know either!
It really is just like eating fast food in the west. Just eat it, if it's not served in a 4+ star restaurant.
Try this:

Or even this: