Twitter Requesting SocialToo To Stop Auto-Unfollowing Service!

SocialToo will not be offering auto-unfollow anymore, due to the request of Twitter. They wrote in their article:
"Per their request, we have been asked to remove our automatic unfollow service by the end of the month or risk having our service disabled.  They claim that auto-unfollow “perpetuates the idea that Twitter is about follower counts”.  We want to respect Twitter’s request, as ultimately we are in their environment and subject to their own rules.  So long as we are using their API we have to play by their rules, and I respect that."

Everyone knows a service that still does this?
Twitter without auto-unfollow is insane. I don't want those fame creepers using my account. Follow you, you may following back and they unfollow you...boom. Your ratio is getting worse, and you can't follow other people. Twitter, this sucks!
If you think the same way, you should write to the Twitter-Service and tell them what you think about it, but please stay polite :).
Anyone knows alternative to SocialToo to auto-unfollow people which unfollow you ?
Update: Several other services, which offer the same functionality, did also stopped that particular feature. It seems that Twitter means it. This doesn't make sense, until auto-follow is disallowed, too. Oh wait a minute, maybe it makes perfect sense. More followers for the celebrities which never followed back anyway...