Happy Birthday Google!

That's a row of birthdays in the recent weeks.
Google has the last birthday before being a teenager.

I wrote in a comment on a posting from Linda Lawrey:
Wow, if you think about it. It feels like it was just yesterday Google started the search engine. 
1998? Really? Will I ever. How did I used the Internet before? I can remember finding out urls with the Mosaic browser. My first frequently used search-engine was hotbot.com, long before they were acquired. Before that, people told me, that this "Internet" will never influence companies, and you never can do useful things with it. 
Well, I'll guess they were wrong :)
I really should have wrote everything down I did in that early time. I think, I will try to remember and write a book-like story about it. After the appearance of social networks, we can track our stuff much better. But in that days, we left few traces to recover now.