Pirating your own video? Loic Le Meur did it :)

You know, this could be funny, if it wasn't so serious.
Loic Le Meur, boss of Seesmic, uploaded a video twice on the companies channel, and on his own. And YouTube took the video down because of copyright infringement of Seesmic.
He couldn't just delete it and reupload it. He needed to edit the video and upload it again, so that YouTube detected it as a different video. He tried to convince someone on YouTube that he owns the rights to do so, but it was too complicated.
He wrote about this in his blog.

Unbelievable. The freedom meltdown is coming. Defend yourself. Act against this idiocy.
What if I put my videos under a CC License? What if I want others to take my video and do what they want with it? It's my right, isn't it ? I don't need no nanny on YouTube.