The Social Network Is Not Bad For Facebook

You know, I read a lot before I finally went to the cinemas. The movie started much later here, and I'm just saw it about 1 hour ago.
I write the conclusion first, because there is much more important things about "The Social Network" than the question if the movie was good or not. I think it was great. Not the big mainstream thing, but the stuff for any Techie.

Now that this is clear, how is Mark Zuckerberg's character there? Is the movie real?
I heard a lot of people that claim they know him. I never met him, and I probably never will. They say it's not the true picture they show about him. Well, is that so? I guess it is near as much as possible for a movie. And now, is he the bad guy? No. He's just a genius, who might have problems in the interaction with other people.
He did the right things overall. You can see this: Facebook is a multibillion dollar company, almost made by one person. So I think, Mark Zuckerberg's charakter in the movie isn't evil, isn't wrong, or isn't reckless. I think that the movie shows some real stuff, and I can't see much wrong in it.

In the movie he doesn't treat his friends very good, and barely have abilities to make a decent date with a girl. I think that is the fiction part of the movie. Of course they need some "heart" in a flick that shows in the cinema. But however, even if that would be true, it's not nice, but you know, business and success is never nice at the beginning. It flows, one thing comes to another, and you have to keep the boat on the water.

Is that bad for Facebook now? No, why? Nothing in that movie made Facebook look bad. I think it's the opposite. It gives sympathy that a few people made this out of thin air with a few bucks and much talent.

Would I have done it like him? Not exactly. I would have been a little nicer to my friends and colleagues, and I wouldn't have done, your could've done, some other minor things. And that's why he owns a billion dollar company, and I'm still blogging for nothing, expect trying to get some readers.
Mark Zuckerberg did everything right.