Social-Services Everywhere... Here Is My Own

...and it's called my blog! Well okay, not really, but almost.
Why not using my blog to post status-updates? I've thought about it before and was undecided about. Now I think it's time to do it, as another social networks comes into my little universe. Facebook.
Again I'm facing the problem of possible echos and double postings. And again the obvious solution would to blog everything, even small status-updates and aggregate them into the social networks. So everyone can follow where they like to, and not being forced to use the same network I'm momentarily favoring (as if anyone would do that :) ).
In addition I have my own little library with all the stuff I put out. What remains is the weird thing that you can do on social networks with no one seems to care: Citing complete articles, so-called sharing. If this is done on a blog, this is not so widely accepted. I don't see a difference there.
However, that means overall, less citing, more clicking for you. But I also read a lot of good sources that publishes under a free license like the Creative Commons License. These articles will be cited with the necessary source attributions, and receiving a big hand of a paws for their openness.

What does this means for that blog?
More posts. Much more posts. Many of them very short. But it remains the place where I write my big articles,too. You already might know, that Android-stuff, Anime and Japan related things, and posts about the free video scene are having their own places. Take a look at the header of the site :).

That means in short, this blog will be a lifestream from now on.
I hope you keep checking the entries here. But you can get all status-updates over Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz if you prefer.

And yes, I will read and answer the comments on any of those networks. You can be sure. So the interaction is where YOU want it to be.

Have fun!